Our Story

"I have the most boring fashion sense and I created Kitple"


I know, it's crazy, right? but hear me out. While major fashion brands are focusing on latest trends, crazy designs and colors, the only thing I cared about is the simple design and comfort. Because I always wear subtle clothings everyday. 

As more and more brands are trying to create their own uniqueness, more difficult was for me find the right brand. 



And you know what they say: "If you can't find it, you create it" 


I had only 2 things in mind: creating clothings that are simple & timeless design with serious level of comfort.

So if you like clothings that are simple enough to pair with anything and comfy enough to wear everyday, you will love us. Welcome to kitple. 


#keep it simple


Our Quality Promise

We are all about quality or quantity. That's part of reason why we have launched our product with only Bruno Pants. Spending 100% of our time and energy on quality, we choose to introduce you with 1 great product rather than 10 mediocre.